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Streamlined and Efficient
Cotton Swab Making Machines

Boost Your Cotton Swab Manufacturing Efficiency

Including automatic making unit, drying oven, and packaging table.

Fully automatic packaging by poly bag, paper box, plastic box, etc.

Realize fully automatic cotton swab making and packaging, one staff for one production line

Why Jouyou

At Jouyou Technology, we’re committed to revolutionizing the cotton swab manufacturing industry. With a dedicated team of mechanical and software engineers, we prioritize simplicity and efficiency in our product designs. Our machines stand out for their straightforward and organized structure, making maintenance exceptionally easy. Our clients appreciate the user-friendly design and ease of operation and maintenance. Experience the convenience and reliability of Jouyou machines—unlocking seamless production and unparalleled performance.

Our Services Always Go To The Extra Mile


Professional consultation team to understand your needs and provide expert advice on machine specifications, customization options, and production processes.


Tailoring the machine design, features, and accessories precisely to match your unique and specific requirements and preferences is at the core of our service.

Technical Support

Comprehensive technical support throughout the purchasing process, including design confirmation, troubleshooting, and post-sale assistance.


Provision of onsite and online training sessions for operators and maintenance staff to ensure optimal use and maintenance of the machine.

Installation and Commissioning

Expert installation and commissioning services ensure the machine is set up correctly and operates efficiently.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control measures are implemented during production to ensure the highest standards of performance and reliability of the machine.

After-Sales Service

Prompt and responsive after-sales service, including warranty support, spare parts supply, and ongoing maintenance assistance, ensures client satisfaction and long-term reliability.


Detailed documentation, including user manuals, technical specifications, and safety guidelines to facilitate smooth operation and maintenance of the machine.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous product development and enhancement to meet evolving client needs and technological advancements.


Happy Clients!

Your Major Concerns


Our machines are built using high-strength steel, sanitary-grade silicone parts, and world-renowned electrical components.


Once your facility is ready, we'll schedule engineer visit for installation and training within 15 days post visa coordination.

Installation Time

Depending on machine quantity, 1-2 engineers will be sent for installation at your factory. Installation usually takes 3-5 days.

Spare Parts

We include enough wearable spare parts for one year of use, with additional parts available for purchase at factory prices.


Our cotton swab machines come with a 1-2 year warranty and lifetime technical support.

Machine Testing

All cotton swab machines undergo a 72-hour test run, and a test video is provided before shipment.


You're most welcome to visit our factory or arrange for a third-party inspection.


References are available upon request, and welcome to visit our location to see machines in action.


Cotton swab machines are carefully packaged in plastic film and export plywood boxes to ensure safety and integrity during transit.


Delivery times vary based on customization and logistics, typically ranging from 20-45 business days.

Payment Terms

Typically, we request a 50% TT deposit, with the remaining 50% payment due before shipment.


Our experienced team can tailor machine designs to your specifications and provide expert guidance.

Buying Machine From Jouyou

Purchasing and receiving a new cotton swab manufacturing machine can be stressful and time-consuming, especially when importing machinery and navigating unfamiliar transaction processes. Here are a few straightforward steps to order our cotton swab machines:

Understanding your project requirements is crucial before making a purchase. Unsure about the product you need? Don’t fret! Our team are here to assist you. Just let us know your needs, we will propose accordingly.

After customers pay the deposit and provide samples if necessary, we initiate production within one day. Our efficient approval process ensures rapid turnaround, maximizing time and cost savings for our customers.

Choose from various shipping options. Air shipping is fast but costly, ideal for urgent orders, typically taking 7-10 days. Sea shipping offers the most economical solution, though longer, spanning 20-45 days.

Our installation services cover a range of projects, from upgrading production lines to installing new molds or machines. Contact us to explore installation options tailored to your project.

Throughout your end-of-line machinery project, our dedicated customer service department stands ready to support you. From machine installation and spare parts delivery to commissioning and maintenance, our team is here for all your day-to-day needs.

Contact us today for a worry-free project experience!

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